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Unique design and a natural rowing experience give a full body, natural, workout.

WaterRower manufacture Commercial Grade Rowing Machines out of the USA. Their unique design creates a natural rowing experience, whilst obtaining a full body workout. The Water acts as a resistance, whilst keeping a steady momentum – meaning each stroke is smooth and natural in feel.

There are 2 main ranges in the Water Rower Brand; GX Series and the Dual Rail Series. The Dual Rail Series is the main range. The products are made from locally sourced timbers throughout the USA. Options include Cherrywood, Black Walnut, Red Oak and American Ash. This allows you to choose a timber that suits your home environment – making it a piece of furniture, rather than an item of gym equipment. Then there’s the GX Series, which is slightly de-tuned to hit a lower price point. They manufacture the rear half out of a single aluminium rail, making it lighter to ship and cheaper to build. The computer is slightly de-tuned as well to only give you the essentials needed for a great workout. This model represents great value as an entry level home rowing machine.

There are many benefits to the Water Rowers. Smooth, Natural, Ergonomic, Quiet, Easy to Store, Easy to Use – not to mention the aesthetic appeal in your living room! These products are commercially rated to a Maximum User Weight of 450kg. They are very low in maintenance, only requiring a chlorine tablet every 12 months into the water tank. They lift and store onto their nose, making it easy to wheel and tuck out of the way when not in use. The 2 rails running the length of the machine make the sub frame absolutely rock solid, with no movement at all.

The best way to see the benefits of the Water Rowers is to try them out for yourself in our North Sydney Showroom.

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