How To Choose a Treadmill for Home Fitness

How To Choose a Treadmill for Home Fitness

Working out at home has become increasingly popular thanks to technological advancements in equipment, and fitness equipment affordability. Whether you’re looking for equipment to supplement your existing workout routine — or you simply want a convenient solution that allows you to workout whenever you want from the comfort of you own home — treadmill hire is one of our most popular options.

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Why choose a treadmill for home fitness?

Treadmills are a great at home exercise option for people of all fitness levels because they’re easy to use, much lower impact than running or jogging on the road, and effective in terms of energy burning.  You can set your treadmill up in front of the television and jog your way to better health while watching your favourite shows, or pull out your treadmill from under the bed for a quick workout and fold it back up out of sight when you’re done.

What should I look for when purchasing or renting a treadmill?

When you’re choosing a treadmill for sale or considering treadmill hire, take some time to consider your options and make sure you’re getting the best brand and model to meet your needs. There’s a huge selection of treadmill options available, which can make sorting the best from the rest daunting for the uninitiated.

Think about your current fitness level and what you hope to achieve. Are you already fairly fit and looking for a convenient means of maintaining your fitness and weight? Or are you relatively unfit, looking to start a new workout routine to improve your health and lose weight? Would you rather stick to something simple to use, or do bells and whistles and modes of workout keep you motivated?

What about cost? How much are you will to invest in a treadmill for sale, or spend on treadmill hire shorter term? Remember that some cheaper options may have fewer features or allow for less weight,so do your research and weigh up which features you most need.

Choosing a reputable treadmill rental business or seller

There are many treadmill hire and sales sites online, but not all are created equal.

Always look into the business before handing over your purchasing information to protect yourself against theft or fraud, and make sure the treadmill you’re considering is a genuine machine made by a reputable brand. Look out for trusted fitness brands such as Matrix, True Fitness, Spirit Fitness and Bodyworx, and if in doubt, contact the business to discuss your requirements over the phone.

At Northshore Health and Fitness we pride ourselves on being a genuine, quality treadmill hire and sales establishment, who are able to offer expert advice and answer an questions you might have about which machine will best meet your needs.

Top tips for starting a treadmill fitness program

Like any new workout routine, it’s important to discuss your health and fitness with your doctor, just to be on the safe side. They’ll be able to advise you on the best way to approach your new fitness routine if you have health conditions or are particularly unfit.

Once you have the all clear, set yourself some workout goals. Do you want to improve your fitness levels? Build endurance? Improve your cardiovascular health? Or lose weight? Make a realistic plan of attack, dedicating a number of hours each week to treadmill training, and mark them in your diary.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, start out slow, and build your speed gradually over weeks as you become fitter and stronger. Always stretch before a workout to ensure your muscles are supported, and listen to your body throughout your treadmill routine. Stay hydrated and well fuelled on low GI foods, and listen to music with great beats to help you stay motivated and focused.

Ready to hit the belt running? Check out a range of treadmills at Northshore Health and Fitness now for inspiration.

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