Rentals & Hire

Rentals & Hire

Hiring Fitness Equipment for your home is the most popular option. The majority of our customers opt to Hire equipment for a wide range of reasons.

Try a particular model to see if it suits your needs: – It can take a couple of days to feel any discomfort by using the wrong model for your body. Most of the time this won’t show by simply testing out display models. By trialing it in the home you will be certain that what you have chosen is the correct model for you before you commit to purchasing.

Make sure the Motivation sticks: OK, you’re excited about getting into shape and having some fitness equipment in your home to help you. But it’s very easy to lose motivation and you can end up with a large clump of metal in your living room which simply doesn’t get used. When you hire, if the motivation doesn’t stick around – you’re not stuck with the equipment.

Rehabilitation: If you’re usually active and fit, however need a piece of exercise equipment to aid your short-term rehabilitation from an injury, then renting is the answer. Once your rehab program is over and you’re back into your normal lifestyle you simply give the item back to us. No need to hang onto it.

Flexibility to change machines: A lot of our customers like to rent with the option to switch products every 3 months. You may wish to try a Cross Trainer and then a Treadmill to see which one proved the most effective. Or maybe just switch every 3 months to change your routine up so you don’t get bored. There is no need to organise trade-in values on items you own. It’s as simple as calling us and swapping the machine over.

Hassle Free Maintenance: – When hiring, the item is owned by North Shore Health & Fitness and therefore if anything goes wrong with the machine we will fix or replace the item asap. That way you are always covered and under a rental warranty.


The initial hire is a 3-month contract. The 3-month Rental Charge is paid upfront, along with any delivery & collection charges.  After the 3-month rental, you can:

You’re finished with the equipment and no longer require it. You simply need to contact the showroom and organise for collection. You can also drop the item back to the showroom yourself.

50% of your rental is refunded from the purchase price.

You have the option to apply your ‘rental rebate credits’ towards any other item in our range of similar or more value. Example: you have hired a Treadmill for 3 months however your knees are hurting. Why not apply 50% of your Treadmill Rental towards the purchase of an Exercise Bike?


You may wish to continue to hire. This is as simple as contacting the showroom and extending your rental by a further 3 months, or even break it down to a month to month basis. All your rental throughout the agreement accumulates so when it comes to the decision to purchase you receive 50% of ALL RENTAL PAID off the purchase price.


  • A charge for us to ‘collect the equipment at the end of the hire’ is charged upfront. This is currently set at $150 in Sydney. At the end of the rental period this is to cover our staff collecting the equipment from your home. If you decide to purchase the item or drop it back yourself this is refunded.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to contact our company at the end of the rental period.
  • Extra monthly charges commence if overdue. Please call for an extension, purchase or collection.
  • The customer shall notify North Shore Health & Fitness of any change of address or phone number.
  • All equipment must be maintained and cleaned upon return. Should cleaning be necessary, charges will apply.
  • Any injury caused by the misuse of equipment is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Damages or loss will be charged to the customer at the current Retail Replacement Value.