Top 5 Home Gym Products to Improve Your Fitness

Top 5 Home Gym Products to Improve Your Fitness

Working out at home to achieve your health, fitness and weight-loss goals is a great option for people who are short on time, prefer to workout at their own pace, and want to save money by cutting on-going gym fees.

There are tons of great home gym options available at Northshore Health and Fitness to help you shred fat, get in shape and improve your overall health – the only problem is, deciding which piece of exercise equipment is right for you.


Whether you want to run or walk, a treadmill is a great home gym cardio option, providing a versatile and efficient solution. Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health, and is a more convenient and lower-impact option than pounding the pavement.

Cross Trainers

Also known as elliptical trainers, cross trainers offer a low-impact, full-body workout, making them a perfect home gym option for people looking for effective exercise equipment for total fitness and fat burning. By combining lower and upper body movement, cross trainers can give you a high intensity workout with a lower risk of injury.

Upright Bikes

Upright, or stationary, bikes are one of the most popular home gym equipment options, allowing users to workout at their own pace with a low risk of injury. Easy on the knees, ankles and feet, upright bikes are great for burning fat, cardiovascular health, and building leg strength, particularly for people who have issues with balance or joint pain.


Recumbent Bikes

Like upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes are great low-impact gym equipment options for people wanting to improve their cardio and burn calories. The difference with a recumbent bike is that riders sit back and pedal with their feet in front of them, making them an excellent option for anyone with lower back, neck or shoulder injuries or pain. Because your hands are free, you can even add small weights to your workout while you pedal, offering recumbent bike users the option for a full-body workout.



Rowing machines are another popular gym equipment option, which can help build and tone muscles, burn calories rapidly, and increase your overall cardiovascular health and stamina. Rowers use practically every major muscle in your body, yet the design of a rowing machine provides a low-impact workout that puts little stress on back and joints.

Deciding Which Exercise Equipment Option is Best

Everyone works out differently and has unique health and wellness goals, so when it comes to choosing the right piece of gym equipment, one size fits all is most certainly not the case.

When choosing exercise equipment for your home gym, consider the following:

  •   1.  What are your workout goals? Do you want to lose weight, train for an event, improve your overall fitness, or strengthen after an injury?
  •   2.  What are your current fitness capabilities? Do you need to select a piece of home gym equipment that will maximise your existing fitness, or an option that will allow you to increase resistance and intensity as you become fitter and stronger?
  •   3.  Do you have any injuries or conditions that you need to work around? Jogging on a treadmill might not be the best option if you have knee problems, while upright cycling could be difficult if you have lower back pain.
  •   4.  What do you enjoy doing when you workout? You’re far more likely to stick with an exercise program that you enjoy – if in doubt, trial a couple of different options by renting before you buy, to see which you’ll be most likely to stick with long-term.

Ready to get fit at home? Check out some of these great gym equipment options to see which home gym solution is right for you or speak to the team at Northshore Health and Fitness for more information.

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